Places of Interest

ON & OFF Nagalur Road from Lake (Ondikadai Bus stop | Highlight Mast)


Horticultural Research Station

Attraction - Best for Science Students.


National Orchidarium & Botonical Garden

Attraction - Insectivorus picture plant, Bells rock, Orchid's Gallery in Green/Glass houses, Tourist spot & best for research students.


RajaRajeswari Temple

Attraction - Temple of Mother Goddess.


Shervarayon Temple

Attraction - A small cave temple made up of Bauxite ore (Raw material for Aluminium). Shervarayon (Male God of Shervaroyan hills) & Goddess cauvery (Named after river Cauvery). A tribal celebration takes part in the month of May at the Temple every year. Open Bauxite mines alround the Temple ground is an added attraction.

Towards Gents Seat (From Lake)


Rose Garden

Attraction - Rose Garden, Children's seat with kids play area.


Ladies Seat

Attraction - Panoramic view of South Salem and Ghat roads (open view point).


Telescope house

Attraction - To view Salem, Magnesite mines and if mist permits, Mettur Dam's Water storage.


Gents seat

Attraction - Another view point of Salem and Ghat roads from the TV Transmitter Station accomodated with a Generic Heritage Garden on the pass by.

ON & OFF Kottachedu Road


Dirt Biking (At Kottachedu road)

Attraction - Toy vehicle riding, enjoyable for all ages.


Pagoda Point (or) Pyramid point (off Kottachedu road at Bhavani Singh's perfumery)

Attraction - Pile heap of dry stones forming four corners, formed by old Tribal people for reason unknown. At present the spot is developed for valley view point of Attur and a Rama Temple is newly renovated here. The temple is open only at times.


Annamalayar Temple (off Kottachedu Road at Sengaadu Bus stop)

Attraction - Lord Shiva Temple open at festival times & an view point.

Manchakuttai Road


Manchakuttai view point

Attraction - Panoramic view of Forest

Lake Area


Big Lake / Emerald Lake

Attraction - Boating, Deer park and Aquarium.


Anna Park

Venue - Around the lake.

Attractoin - Months of May (season) & December (off-season)


State Govt's Botanical Garden

Venue - On left, after Travellers Bungalow on Salem Road.


Killiyur Falls

Attraction - Falls view, ideal for trekking. Not suggested for children & old ages. Not recommeded for taking bath aswell. Ideal to visit only after North East or South West monsoon, when the Lake overflows and the spillage waterof the Lake causes the falls. Mostly dry in other seasons.

Places of Excursion (From Yercaud)



Attraction - (i) Rock cut cave temple of Sri Ranganathar & Lakshmi Narasimhar, situated back to back on opposite directions. (ii) Anjaneyar Temple : 1000 years old. 18 foot high stone sculptured Hanuman Temple facing Lakshmi Narasimhar. (iii) Tippu Sultan Fort : 65mtr high and 1Km over circumferential, single rock formation in the centre of the town, with a fort built by Tippu Sultan accommodating Sri Ranganather & Lakshmi Narasimmhar temples at the rock foot.



Attraction - A 650 feet high mountain temple for Arthanareswarar - a unique form of half female i.e Parvathi (left) + half male i.e Lord Shiva (right). This west facing temple unlike others having a spring under the foot of Lord which never dries and being distributed as prasaatham to devotees.



Attraction - A 13th century, west facing, Lord Kailasanathar (Lord Shiva) temple. The rays of sun fall on the horns of Nandhi on 9, 10, & 11th of Maasi month (Tamil)/February - March and reflects on Lord Shiva as a crescent moon.


Mettur Dam

Attraction - Sir Stanley Reservoir commonly known as Mettur Dam representing the location, is built in 1934 with a total height of 240 feet (water storage height 120 feet) extending to 5300 feet which also serves as a Roadway for public transport. It contains a well maintained park also. Ideal to visit after NE or SW monsoons, when the storage is almost full.



Attraction - Waterfalls of river Cauvery developed by the formation of Carbonatite rocks (oldest of its kind in south Asia) with a longest drop of 20m. Ideal place to bath.

Speciality - Fresh river fish food, body massages with specific oil, boating by conventionally made local bamboo floaters called 'Parisal' and elevated view points, makes body & mind, healthy and refreshed.